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Air Jordan 18 Shoes

Released in 2003, Air Jordan 18 will go down in history for numerous reasons. First and foremost, 18s were the sneakers Michael Jordan wore during his final game for Washington Wizards – his last appearance on the NBA courts. Secondly, it introduced several cutting-edge solutions, such as open-air vents, a removable shroud, Zoom Air cushioning, a carbon fiber comfort plate, and a hidden lace system.

And last but not least, it was the first Air Jordan sneaker designed by Tate Kuerbis, who took over the mantle from Wilson Smith – the designer of two previous Air Jordans (16 and 17). Kuerbis decided to draw inspiration from Italian shoe design and sports cars, combining them into a truly astonishing look and ensuring that The Jumpman takes his final bow in style.

Originally, Jordan 18 cost $175, and it was available in leather and suede-based variants. On top of that, like with its predecessor, buyers could enjoy more than just shoes. Air Jordan 18 came in a special pull-up box where, in addition to sneakers, a buyer found a towel, brush, and owner’s manual. Considering this, $175 looks like a fine price for such a bundle.

Since their introduction in 2003, Jordan 18s have gone through several re-editions. Nowadays, there are available in a wide variety of colors and variants, and not just their original black and blue colorway. When it comes to the price, it all depends on the edition you want to purchase. You can find most of them here at Kicks Crew available at great prices.

Air Jordan 18 is if you seek a more sophisticated sneaker. Since 2003, it has been made with notable craftsmanship, and its design has that sense of royalty in it. Its original design was named “Black Royal” for a reason, after all.